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Whatsapp Business Plus v4.05 Latest Update Fixed Mods Version By AlAbidi_Tech Download Now

WhatsApp Business Plus Plus v4.0.5

has been developed by Abusaleh Al Obaidi, the developer of WhatsApp for official business and added features worth

trying out. 2.19.63 Full version

What's new in v4.5?

* Support for older versions Kitkat 4.0, 4.3 for other ..
* English language support
* Added option to view viewing cases with the possibility of downloading (status screen - three dots - viewing cases)
* Add the old text status to the menu (Plus Settings - Status )
* Add new Arabic fonts
* Ability to send 100 documents instead of 30 documents
* Ability to install 100 chats instead of 3 chats
* Now when you download an audio file the file name will appear under it
* Fix the collapse of the application when entering the case
* Fix the appearance of a new update notification found
* Other fixes

Software features

Update to version 2.19.63
Now version without blocking 100/100
Possibility to download status and written copies
Possibility of lock the program number the
possibility to stop the Internet for the program to
add messages counter within the groups to see messages statistics
add the option to prevent the deletion of the case to
add the option to hide the contact icons inside the chat
add the option to send the case with high accuracy
add option to disable the pop - up notifications in the version of the Crown Bob and above to
add an option for Prevent music or audio from being stopped when a new message arrives
Add option to activate / deactivate audio playback automatically
Add option to forward the message to more than five chats
Add option to activate the night mode of the settings
Add option to change the program line
Add option to choose the search engine for animation The
possibility of locking the program fingerprint finger)
activate posters
you can now use the posters on the images before sending them to
add to the list of archived chats settings to access them quickly
add an option to prevent the emergence of archived chats when new messages arrive [settings - notifications - ignore archived chats]
you a Now make a group call to groups of three people

* Privacy (hide appearing, readers, second right, writing ...)
* Download status
* Lock the program with a number or fingerprint
* Groups counter for statistics of the number of members' messages
* Send a state of more than 30 seconds
* Send a message to an unsaved number
* Stop the Internet from the program
* Change the program line
* Prevent the deletion of messages and cases
* Hide that you have seen the status
* Hide the converted signal
* Hide archived chats
* Hide the line between chats
* Hide internet icon
* Hide contact icons within chat
* Hide name and date when copying two messages and more
* Hide conversation information
* Hide recent cases
* Hide unimportant
cases * Hide viewed cases
* Change form Interface
* Copy part of Text
* Ability to exit by drag
* Ability to open more than one chat in the taskbar
* Ability to erase the recently used vias
* Ability to send high-resolution status
* Ability to disable pop-up notifications
* Ability to send images in their original quality
* Ability to send images with high quality and accuracy
* Ability to send unlimited sound
* the ability to send video size unlimited
* possibility to send documents the size of unlimited
* the possibility of increasing the number of collective messages subscribers Albroodcast unlimited number
* the possibility of increasing the number of members of the groups
* ability to forward messages for more than 5 chats
* possibility to back up to your conversations and Asta Generated from both inside and outside the program
* Possibility to delete temporary files damaged Alwatsab
* Ability to change the form of conversation information
* Ability to hide the text used repeatedly in the redirection screen
* Ability to hide recent chats in the redirection screen
* Ability to hide other contacts in the redirection screen
* Ability to activate the night mode of the settings screen
* Ability to choose the search engine for animation

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