Fouad Whatsapp v8.00 Latest New Nonie Style Girls Mods Edition Version By NAnda Download Now

It is an alternate version of WhatsApp has chat customization and password creation functions. FMWhatsApp, also known as Fouad WhatsApp, is an APK for Android phones that promises improvements to WhatsApp.

RCredit bubbles, icons, fonts, emojis and ticks 

+ Graciela Moran (bubbles, icons and ticks) + Rafaela Silva (bubbles and some Ticks) + Marcela Torres (text input) + Isa Carla (emojis) + Ana Diaz (fonts) + Mary Sanchez (bubbles and icons) + Elizangela Alves (icons) 

🏷️ Base: 2.19.230

🔶 YoMods Settings new design, easier to use!
🔶 Airplane mode ✈️

🔶 Live preview of your color changes!


• [Base Update] 2.19.230

• [NEW] YoMods Settings design

• [NEW] Live preview of your color changes!
• [Added] Airplane mode ✈️ (disable whatsapp messages when you need!)
• [Added] Hidden chat will not show in home unread counter
• [Added] Hidden chats will not show in "Forward to..." screen. (You can re-enable from Hidden Chats Settings)

• [Added] Option to clear WA database backups

• [Fixed] More bug fixes and improvements!
• [Misc] Many other things that I forgot :p
• [Misc] Enjoy and discover by yourself!

⬇️ Download | التحميل : ⬇️


Fouad WHATSAPP  (com.whatsapp) 


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