NO WhatsApp v9.47 Latest Update Bugs Fixed Mods Edition Version by AboNorah Download NOW

What's New in v9.45?

* Update to Issue 2.19.34 

* Delete the ban from the account 

* Delete the countdown screen of the ban message 
* Learn the deleted message (privacy settings - general privacy settings - prevent deletion of messages) 
* Learn the deleted status (privacy settings - ) 
* Add fingerprint lock option (privacy settings - general privacy settings - fingerprint authentication) 
* Disable call reception feature so you can stop it without showing the other party that your phone is ringing 
* Individual reply 
* Group group calls 
* Improved chat option with an unsaved number 
* Add an option to change the color of the message icon (Section 1.5 and conversations) 
* Add an option to change the icon color of the deleted status (section 1.6 and then the status screen)
* Add option (2.30) to hide the icon calls collective Alkarob 
* Add a confirmation window when you contact someone (within the group-contact information Call-screen) 
* Add a new section special cases (Section 1.6 and then display case) 
* Add new VSAT 
* Add New Fonts 
* Returns the "Custom Privacy" option 
* Other fixes

WhatsApp+ --(com.whatsapp)

NO WhatsApp -(com.nowhatsapp)

NO WhatsApp 2 -(com.nowhatsapp2)

NO WhatsApp 3 -(com.nowhatsapp3)

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