R WhatsApp v2.2 Latest Update New Emoji & Without Emojis Change Mods Edition Version Created By Ravi Verma Download Now

Changelog v2.2 :-
-->> Base Updated to 2.18.156 
-->> [Exclusive] Hide Contact Name in Home Screen!
-->> [Exclusive] Make RWhatsApp full Invisible! 
-->> [Added] Launcher Icons 
-->> [Added] inApp Updates
-->> [Added] FAB in Home Screen
-->> [Added] Anti-Expiry
-->> [Fixed] All Previous Bugs
-->> [Unlocked] Hidden features

-->> [Exclusive] Added New Home Style 
-->> [Exclusive] Added Emoji Changer 
-->> [Exclusive] Increased Text Status Character Limit to 9999 Instead of 139 
-->> [Added] Media Sharing Limit Increased to Unlimited Size Instead of 30MB 
-->> [Added] Anti-Expiry for 1 Year 
-->> [Added] Hide Contact Name of the Person You are Chatting With 
-->> [Added]
 Audio Sharing Limit Increased to Unlimited 
-->> [Added] Video Sharing Limit Increased to Unlimited 
-->> [Added] Status Video Sharing Limit Increased to Unlimited Instead of 30 Deconds 
-->> [Added] Custom Privacy for Hide View Status and Anti-Delete 
-->> [Added] Hide Muted Status 
-->> [Added] Hide Viewed Status 
-->> [Added] Hide Recent Status 
-->> [Enabled] Proximity Sensor 
-->> [Enabled] All Hidden Features by Default 
-->> [Added] Ability to Download / Save Status / Stories 
-->> [Added] Contact Online Toast 
-->> [Added] Set Your Name Instead of WhatsApp in Home Screen 
-->> [Added] Disable Pic OnClick 
-->> [Added] Multi Chats 
-->> [Added] Old UI 
-->> [Added] Disable Opening of Keyboard Automatically After Opening Chat 
-->> [Added] Actionbar Centered by Default 
-->> [Added] Message a Number / Open Chat ( Message Any Unsaved Number Without Saving it )
-->> [Added] New Privacy Codes 
-->> [Added] Crash Log 
-->> [Added] New Bubbles, Ticks, Icons 
-->> [Added] Clear Recent Emojis 
-->> [Added] Make Text Selectable 
-->> [Added] Hide Archieved Chats

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