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WattsUpload 1.20 Update on WattsUp

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What's New in Version 1.20

1- Updating the copy of the mark 2.18.122

2 - Adding the feature of running 10 numbers in Watts Ammar Al Awadi 

3- The feature of preventing members of groups from sending messages to the group

 4 - Adding the user counter feature for the copies of the Lotus

 5 - Add the advantage of communication with me to inquire and to resolve any problem you face

6. Add the drag feature to close the chat 

7 - re-feature of the automatic text (Tvil)

8. Add the WAMOD interface to change the format of the watt

9 - Add option to return to the old facade  2014

10- Increase video duration to more than one hour (automatically activates)

11. Moderators can now prevent members from sending messages in groups

12. You can now record audio clips without having to press the sound button

13. Auto-reply to specific conversations or exceptions to specific conversations can be customized

14. Add option 2.7.9 to choose the floating button shape as the official QWATS

15. Add option 2.1.11 to hide the Create new chat from conversations button

16. Add Option 6.20 To disable an alert that there are retrieved messages (deleted)

17. Add an option to disable auto-responder if you hide two reading modes

18. Add option # 1.2.16 to show the video icon in the conversation

19. You can now see which conversations you have enabled Auto Backup. (Open Netscape - Options - Custom Conversations)

20 - You can now search for themes through the name of the theme

21 - fix the color of the names when adding a new member of any group

22- Fix the color of IM bubbles

23 - Repair the concealment of the operating signal

24. Fixed the appearance of the attachment icon in the collective message conversation

25 - repair the problems of collapse in some versions

26- Fix the color of the top bar of hidden and archived conversations

27. Modernizing the Italian and Brazilian languages

28. Other reforms

[ New ] Base Updated to 2.18.122
[ Exclusively Improved ] Option for Specific/Except Contacts/Groups in Auto-Reply
[ Improved ] No Need to Restart When use Privacy except for Hide Last Seen
[ Enabled ] Locked Voice Recordings (Press and Swipe up/No need to hold for Recording)
[ Enabled ] Group Settings - Send Messages (Once Enabled only Admin can Send Messages in Group)
[ Added ] Stock Fab (Mod 2.7.9)
[ Added ] Added Option to Hide New Chat Icon from Header (Mod 2.1.11)
[ Added ] Option for Disable Revoked Message Notification
[ Added ] Option to Disable Auto-Reply when Hide Read
[ Added ] Option to Enable Video Icon in Conversation Header (Mod 1.2.16)
[ Added ] Custom Media Auto-Download in Custom Chats
[ Added ] Now You can Search by Name in Theme Server
[ Updated ] Italian & Brazilian language
[ Fixed ] Contacts Name Color when Add Participants
[ Fixed ] Bubble Color
[ Fixed ] Privacy for Blue Microphone
[ Fixed ] GIF Background Color
[ Fixed ] Attach Icon not Showing in Broadcast chat
[ Fixed ] Action Bar Color, Icon Background color, Count color in Hidden Chats & Archived Chats
Many Other Fixes

Important Note -
1. Don't ask for Stickers as still not enabled by WhatsApp Inc.
2. Don't Ask for New Base as Everything already Available except Group Calls
3. Redmi Users Might Face Issues with MOD 6.11 Due to MiUi Roms
4. MOD is very Much Stable so request you to kindly check from your end before Posting anything.
>> Notes :-
- If Anyone face any Crash please clear your theme & Logs.
- Telegram links will not be clickable in media caption due some problems

📌 WhatsApp+ & GBWhatsApp features :-
🔹 Based on 2.18.122
🔹 Ban proof
🔹 supports calls
🔹 hide your ( last seen )
🔹 privacy mods
🔹 themes mods
🔹 DND Mod
🔹 AutoReply
🔹 Ability to Schedule a Message (Message Scheduler)
🔹 Ability to Hide Chats (using Pattern)
🔹 Ability to Send Message or Call to Unknown Nos.
🔹 Ability to Translate Messages in Different Languages.
🔹 Ability to Download Status/Stories
🔹Ability to Send Broadcast to Groups
🔹 Theme Server ( to download/apply themes )
🔹 Change ticks/bubbles Style Mod
🔹 (17) Ticks & (13) Bubbles Styles to choose
🔹 counter statistics for groups
🔹 Show Online/last Seen in Main Screen
🔹 send video with size 50MB instead of 16MB
🔹 send 90 images at once instead of 10
🔹 change your status and add to 250 characters instead of 139 characters
🔹ability to press on links on chat screen without save sender number or group admin number
🔹 ability to press in links on your friends' status
🔹 ability to distinguish between normal messages and Broadcast messages
🔹 hide the name and the date when copy more than one message
🔹 ability to copy friends' status
🔹 ability to change the app icon and notifications
🔹 and many many other features .. discover it by yourself

Special Thanks to all My Testers 🤗
♦ Credits :- Omar ( atnfas_hoak ) : تطوير ♦

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