YC Whatsapp v3.0 Latest Update New WAMOD Style Mods Edition Version By YCmods Download Now

Official YCMOD with Extended Expiry and Base Updated 2.18.121

Not much changes ... Only Added

• Anti Expiry
• Theming Mod in Test Entry
• QTS Working
• Fixed Tinting of Quoted Messages ( fixed by +Nicholas Rodríguez​​​​​ )
• Custom Background Color for Navigation Drawer header ( color picker not working , it takes same color as navigation drawer ) i.e same color for upper and lower part of navigation drawer
• Option to Show/Hide

User Name
User Number
User Status
Main Account Picture
Secondary Account Picture
Archived Chat

In navigation Drawer

ID - 202066

Credit :
+Brian Valente​​​​​
+Nicholas Rodríguez
+Richar Corrêa

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