GS WhatsApp v2.8 Latest Update mods Edition Version By Gourav Download Now

*GSWhatsapp 2.8*

Base Updated to 2.18.86
√ Added Antiexpiry
√ fixed Tick style at home ui
🔴 All Hidden Features Enabled by Default ( Payments ,Voice note locking & Stickers Working Perfectly )
🔴 All Types of Privacy Included ( Hide Last Seen, Hide View Status, Hide Blue Ticks, Double Ticks, Typing etc. )
🔴 Custom Privacy Contacts and Groups
🔴 Added Open Chat ( Message Any Unsaved Number Without Saving it)
🔸 Sms Verification Fixed
🔸 Increased Status Limit to 246 Caracters
🔸 Restart App
🔵 GS MoDs 🔵
🔴 Globle Mods
🔸Hide Archieved Chats
🔸 Make Text Selectable
🔸Hide Date and Time While Copying 2 or More Messages
🔴 Mic Mods
🔸Put name and phone number/status in action bar
🔸 Multi Chat Task
🔸Clear your recent emoji's
🔸Clear Old Junk Logs
🔴 bubble & Tick chooser
🔸Choose Bubble Styles ( 20 Styles )
🔸Choose Tick Styles ( 20 Styles )
🔴 Status Mods
🔸 Increase Status Image Quality
🔸 Increase Status Image Size
🔸 Increase Status Video Duration
🔴 Image Mods
🔸 Increase Image Size
🔸 Increase JPG Quality
🔸 Increase Image Resolution
🔴Audio/Video Mods
🔸 Increase Audio Upload size
🔸increase video file size upload limit to 700mb
🔴 Backup and Restore Message

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