NO WhatsApp v9.26 Latest Bugs Fixed Mods Edition Version By Abo-Norah Download Now

What's New in v9.26 release?

Ability to send video up to 55 MB instead of 16 MB 
* Fix option to display member pictures in groups 
* Fix option to send clip up to 100 MB 
* Fix option to disable popup notifications in Oryo versions 
* Fix Option to hide alerts 
* Fix option for receiving forms 
* Fix option for IM bubbles 
* Fix media player selection option 
* Fix hidden contact appearance in call history 
* Repair open hidden conversations from group information and then click on conversation picture 
* Fix open hidden conversations through groups joint 
* Iss Ahh is a hostile message routed through another conversation 
* Other fixes

* Update to Release v2.18.79 

* Extend the version to 1-3-2020 

* Add group description, the description also appears when someone invites you to the group through the invitation link 

* Easily navigate between phone calls and video calls. Just click on the video icon during the call 
* Search for participants via the group info screen 
* Add an option to send a scheduled message through the floating button 
* Add an option to restart the tracker via the floating button 
* Add an option to hide the floating button for a scheduled message 
* Add option To hide the floating button to restart the tracker 
* Add an option to change where the floating button appears (Plus Settings - Main Conversation Screen - Floating Button)
* Add to center option or hide the contact name or group within the conversation (place-settings conversation screen-contact name and group name) 
* add translation option for several languages inside the talks 
* Move cutting the Internet option to Privacy settings 
* fix the appearance of hidden conversations information on Widgets when a media file share 
* fix the possibility of opening a chat / contact any hidden conversation through ( the application of the existing connection on the device points) 
* repair the possibility of opening a chat / contact any hidden conversation through (Group) 
* repair the possibility of opening theprogram from the widget when you place the lock For the program 
* Fixed a custom privacy option for each conversation / ŢŃćČ 
* fix a different background option foreach person / conversation 
* Repair hide watch case option 
* Repair option font size in the chat screen
* Fix the application crash when trying to change the group background 
* Other fixes

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