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MGWhatsApp v1.0 Alpha
Not Final:

* [Base] 2.18.105
* [Added] Crash Log
* [Added] Privacy
* [Added] Hide Name and Date
* [Added] Selection Text
* [Added] Archived Chats
* [Added] Clean Emojis
* [Added] Backup and Restore
* [Added] Clean Logs
* [Added] Selection Language
* [Added] Mods Audio (Sensor,Disable Notification audio)
* [Added] Mods Status (Hide Muted Status,Hide Viewed Status,Hide Recent Status)
* [Added] Restart WhatsApp
* [Added] Changelog and Credits
* [Added] Icon Choose
* [Added] Bubbles and Ticks
* [Added] Hide Archived chat
* [Added] SMS Fixed
* [Added] Option to save contact's status stories
* [Added] Mods Home (Old UI 2014, New Style)
* [Fixed] Check Updater
*Bharath B58:Privacy codes
*DKMODS:Tester Oficial
*Sommer Damous (Soula): Mods
*Ravi Varma: Mods

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